Sunday, August 13, 2017

Crazy Girl by B.N. Toler

I love books and I read a lot. I read more in a month than some people do in a lifetime. I always have. It's therapeutic for me. It's an outlet that lets me escape this crazy world. Even though I read a lot, there are so many more books, so many more stories, and so many more authors that I have never and probably will never be exposed to, so to me any book I read is a great privilege. Crazy Girl by B.N. Toler is one of the BEST books I have ever had the privilege to read.

This book is so much. It is hard to think of the words to adequately describe such an amazing read. So, I will do my best to give it justice.

So, if you have ever read B.N. Toler you know she is kind of amazing and her words seem to flow effortlessly. Crazy Girl is no different. We all love to read a book that just flows and gives us no reason to want to pause or stop.

Then you get into the story and it blows you away.  Hannah is like no other character you have ever read and that may be what makes you love this story so much. This book is so different from the other books we often read that I can't even begin to explain without fear of giving something away.

But when you throw in Hannah and her hot mess of a life and then the add in her friends and the dynamics with all of them, you will be floored. Like, "jaw on the ground, can't believe I finished already, give me more because that was amazing floored."

And here is the part I love the most about Crazy Girl, this is not just a book you read and out to the side. This is a book that will embed itself into your heart and you will come out a stronger person because of it.

Loved everything about it and I can't give it enough stars or justice!

Hungry Words by Jennifer Raygoza

It was by chance that I came across Jennifer Raygoza and this little book she put together. And I am glad I did. I will now be venturing to some full lengths Raygoza has written.

Hungry Words, is really two short stories put into one package.

The first is titles, Tackle Me. This story is hot and steamy. It's a super quick read that will have your blood pumping. The story also shows us a little bit about our deepest desires. I loved this book and hope that the author will add more to it later on to expand the story!

The second story is titled, Prince Charming, and it is a dark fairytale short story. Let me tell you, this is the book that has me running for more Jennifer Raygoza. This is the perfect short story! Its dark, mysterious and suspenseful. I have to say it is probably not everyone's cup of tea because it does lean towards the dark side a bit, but if you would want to venture into a little darker of a read this is a perfect start. This retelling was better than I could have imagined for such a short story. I do hope more is to come in her dark fairytale retellings!

Check it out! http://amzn.to/2fDaI0T

The Evolution of Sin Boxset by Giana Darling

What is a good book with out good angst? Not the best, in my opinion. Perhaps, that is why I was so glued to The Evolution of Sin. I didn't just read this series, I devoured it, like it was the last book I was ever going to read.

This series had so much hot & steamy, intriguing and mysterious, and need-to-know-now angst that I thought I was going to die before finishing it.

Giana Darling gives us a love story that others would be afraid to touch. But she also gives us so much more. You can see the passion in the words and the love seeps out at you. Darling shows us the Evolution of Sin, but also the evolution of a person's soul. How much more could you ask for? This series was so fantastic. I am hooked and ready for more! The mystery is there and I am sure Giana will bring it to us soon!

Grab the boxset now: http://amzn.to/2vvf0Nj

At Her Own Risk by Rachael Duncan

It is proven that reading is healthy and does the body good. It keeps our minds sharp and helps us relax. Reading also makes sure we feel things that we may have thought we'd never feel. At Her Own Risk, was that book for me. It made me laugh and swoon and then tore me apart and lovingly put me back together again.

I have never read a book quite like this before. It was beautiful in so many different ways and I can't get it out of my head. This may be one of my top ten reads so far this year. Yep, it was that good.

I love stories that stretch what we are use to and give us something new and unexpected. There's so much that happens in this story that I never expected and that's one of the reasons I loved it so much. 
It drew me in and never let me go. A book like that is one you know needs to make an appearance on your favorites shelf. 

In the beginning, I wasn't really sure how this book would go. It seems like I knew what would be next and it would end quickly because I assumed it was that "predictable." I was never more happy to be proven wrong. This book is anything, but predictable! 

I cannot tell you much more without giving things away. But buy this book! Read this book! You will LOVE this book!

Get it!!  http://amzn.to/2wGDce5

The Soul Mate by Kendall Ryan

I LOVED this story! It was a light and sexy read that I consumed in one sitting! This story wasn't your normal "oops pregnancy" story!

Kendall Ryan never ceases to amaze me with her stories. How she manages to keep coming up with amazing stories by throwing in some sexy man, a different story, and sprinkles some hilarity into the mix is beyond me! But I hope she never quits!

This releases tomorrow, so grab it quick! http://amzn.to/2vSsML5

Shane's Truth by VF Mason

I was first introduced to V.F. Mason's writing with her book, Sovientnik's Fury, a few months back. I fell in love with the dynamics of that story and how different it was to other books. So, when I heard had a new book I was pretty excited, but then I read the synapsis. I know, I know I never do that, but I did and I instantly thought that this was just another "cowboy" story and it'd be the same old thing. The only thing that intrigued me was the secret mentioned and I had to know that secret!

Thankfully, Shane's Truth, was anything, but another cowboy story. The way all of the characters interacted and were incorporated into the story was amazing. You can tell they all had an underlying story and that made you curious as to how it would all play out.

V.F. Mason took a cowboy story and made it into a puzzle of characters and secrets that made you want more. It was also sexy and swoony and that just adds to the wonder of the story. ;)

It's live now, so grab it! http://amzn.to/2fCC87c

Saturday, August 5, 2017

The Wild by K Webster

It's no secret that I love to read and I love to read just about anything! I hardly ever turn a recommendation down and I think I only have two books on my "did not finish list" in the past three years. Reading is my outlet and I love getting lost in the words, the story, and discovering new areas.

With that being said, I have to be completely honest and say that I wasn't sure I would be able to finish K Webster's latest book...

It's an extreme taboo and she gives you the perfect warning, so if you have limits or triggers of some sort, then make sure you read her warning!!

So, I start reading this book and then I'm having these doubts if I can finish it, but then it's like OMG! What is happening?! I end up being 60% through and CANNOT STOP! So, addicting! I cannot tell you the last time I devoured a book this fast!

This book is one of extreme taboo hotness that you will not be able to put down! You will be wondering why you are still reading it! You will finish it and have the biggest book hangover ever! And you will be questioning your morals and how your mind works during said hangover!

This story is a whole lot of hot and sexy taboo, tied together in engrossing and beautifully written package!

I highly recommend it to anyone who loves to test their boundaries and who loves crazy taboo stories, but make sure you read her warnings!

Preorder now! http://amzn.to/2v7pdPM