Tuesday, September 6, 2016

After We Break by Katy Regnery

Katy Regnery brings us a lovely second chance, friends to lovers romance in After We Break.
   Two best friends find each other in a position that is beyond anything they've ventured together. But when one of them destroys what they had before it ever really flourished, can it be fixed? After nine years apart, Violet and Zach find themselves on the same space again. Can they be around each other? Can their new selves go together as well as their old selves did? Can they let go of all the other things to find the beauty the could have once had?
   I love friends to lovers romance and I love second chance romances, and After We Break gives us both all on once great story! A story that shows us heartbreak happens in our lives and we decided how we handle it. We also decide whether we can ever open our hearts again. The way the story flowed with two people who have changed so much, but still were the same was beautiful. Something that we tend to look over in life.
   I also loved the way Regnery did the dual point of view. We almost always knew what each character was thinking throughout the story, without having to wait for a new chapter or book.
   This is a great story that shows us how pain can make the beauty more promising and beautiful!

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