Saturday, September 17, 2016

His Redemption by A.F. Crowell

Just when I thought this was going to be another simple romance story, where the characters deny each other until they can not take it anymore and be over, the suspense happened! I love romantic suspense stories that have me dying to know what is going to happen. His Redemption delivered!

     "Never Trust...
Since his parents' deaths, one person, has kept Brody Davis afloat, his surrogate mother, Jane, knowing he owes her big time, when her gorgeous niece needs a place to stay. Brody tries not to alienate the one person who has loved him unconditionally. But sometimes lust, love, and destiny run roughshod over good intentions, especially when danger threatens everything he holds dear.

A beautiful stranger...
Emmery Lennox has a single focus in life. Her career. When her dream becomes her nightmare, she runs back to family and into the home of a devastatingly handsome and domineering man who challenges everything she believes about herself.  Murder, mayhem, and vicious cartels aren't the only thing that threaten them; her body has betrayed her brain, and her heart is on the line. Yet, together they might wind up saving each other."

     I loved the ongoing banter between Brody and Emmery, they definitely showed another side of themselves around each other. And Jane was just as loveable and added such a tender part to the book. The suspense was what ultimately won me over with this story. I'd love to share with you how, but you'll just have to read it and see for yourselves! :)

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