Monday, September 19, 2016

My Lucky Days by SD Hendrickson

     A beautiful second chance story that truly puts meaning behind the lyrics, "life ain't always beautiful, but it's a beautiful ride." A new favorite novel that is truly worthy of all the recommendation.

                       "He was an up-and-coming country singer.
                        She was the last girl you'd ever see in a bar.
                        But one night, under those neon lights,
                        Lucky and Katie found each other.

                        Beginnings are always exciting.
                        Always fun. Always hopeful.

                        Katie was in her last year of college.
                        Lucky was still playing local stages.
                        She fell for his voice. She fell for his words.
                        They fell in love.
                        It was beautiful.

                        But time changed their world.
                        She was alone. He was on the road.
                        Life happened.
                        And that love was torn apart.

                        Endings are always painful.
                        Always heart wrenching.
                        But not always final.

                        One day, Lucky came back to Katie.
                        And this is their story."

     SD Hendrickson never disappoints with her beautiful and smoothly written novels. Lucky and Katie made you fall in love with them from the very beginning. Lucky made you swoon and gave you that rockstar boyfriend dream, while Katie made you "aww" and want to hug her. Combine those together and you just grow attached and never want to let go of them. Following their story in all the ups and down from their past and their future had you sitting on edge. 

     I loved this book and would recommend it to anyone looking for their next favorite book!


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