Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Pretty Stolen Dolls by K. Webster and Ker Dukey

     This was a one click for me, basically because the cover caught my eye and the synopsis sounded intriguing and suspenseful. It did not even come close to failing those descriptions! Pretty Stolen Dolls is dark, intriguing, and enough intense suspense that you'll find you'll find yourself gripping your kindle or book! This is only the second or third darker novel that I have read, but it makes me want to find more. Webster and Dukey have such a brilliant mind when it comes to the twistedness that makes up this psychological thriller!

"Benny loves his pretty little dolls. 
As long as they do exactly as they're told.
He keeps them perfect by brushing their hair
and gives them pretty dresses to wear. 
He likes to toy with them late at night. 
One so timid but the other likes to fight. 
When his favorite doll runs away... 
despite the other doll promising to stay, 
his heart becomes broken and he can't help but cry.
He wants her back home or his pretty little doll must die.

Have you ever had to make a decision that haunts you every single day for the rest of your life…the life you stole back? 
I have.
I ran for my survival, rocks and twigs cutting into the soles of my feet, my lungs burning and screaming for rest, every muscle tensed and fighting along with me for existence. 
I left her.
I ran, ran, ran—from Benny and his lone, pretty little doll—until I couldn’t remember where to find them again.
I’m sorry."

This book is one of those that draws you in and keeps you there. It makes your brain keep thinking through scenarios, well after you're done. If you're into dark and crazy books, I highly recommend Pretty Stolen Dolls by K. Webster and Ker Dukey. It is a great read. I will warn that it does end on a bit of a cliffhanger, but I have read the next part will come out soon. Happy Reading!

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