Thursday, September 8, 2016

Rock Me Deep by Nora Flite

   There's not much better than an alpha rockstar, in my opinion! Rock Me Deep gives us just that!
   When Lola is chosen to be the new guitarist for a hit band, her world seems almost perfect. The only problem is the celebrity crush she's had on their lead singer since their very first song. They both also have their personal demons right below the surface. She won't let anything ruin this opportunity for her, but Drez always gets what he wants. Can she avoid the temptation? Can they face their nightmares together?
   This was a great story that tells of dreams coming true. Nora Flite brings reality to the characteristics strong relationships need and shows us what can happen when we refuse. This story was sweet and sexy and had a dose of suspense added to keep you on your seat. We can all face our demons given the right motivation.

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