Saturday, October 22, 2016

Fault by Nicola Hudson

    NEW FAVORITE!! This book was emotional, raw, real, and so addicting! Nicola Hudson blew me away with Fault! This story was not one for the faint of heart really. This characters went through some life changing things and the feelings that came from them were undeniably real. Even if you have never experienced the situations in this book, you will still connect with many of the emotions. This book showed the ugliness of life, but it also showed that you can never give up because you can always find some beautiful. The connection between Carter and Grace was palpable. The lives they led were real. The emotions they felt were so raw and true to anyone of the situation. This book appears to be a standalone in a series and I cannot wait to read the other books!

It's on sale for 99 pennies! http://amzn.to/2dYVvla

"Nobody’s perfect.
We all have our faults.

GRACE DAWSON is desperate. Her father is dead and her mum is in prison for killing the man who attacked her. She is about to turn eighteen and homeless. Her options are limited. Life is bleak.

NOAH CARTER is twenty-four, a writer, and burdened by his family responsibilities. Forced to live in the same small town he grew up in, he knows it would be wrong to wish for a different life. 

When Noah offers Grace a place to stay, it is an act of generosity that she has little choice but to accept. As they spend time together, their feelings grow beyond friendship and they become increasingly important parts of each other’s lives. But it’s not just their lives they have to think about and the challenges they face threaten to overwhelm their relationship. Both make mistakes but can they overcome their own faults to forgive each other’s?"

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