Wednesday, November 30, 2016

The random ramblings of a reader, not a writer.

     This world is such a scary place. There's so much for us to worry about and you know what I think? I think one of our problems is we spend more time worrying about the problems than we do trying to contribute to being a part of the solution.
     Now, I know what you're probably thinking; what does other people's sins have anything to do with me? Whether or not they choose to do drugs, rob the local store, destroy the park, join a gang, etc. has nothing to do with me. In fact, whenever you see an overdose death, a murder of a suspect, or an arrest your first thought is probably something along the lines, "Thank goodness! One less junkie off the streets! One less person to steal our hardworking dollars. Hope the rest of them go down just the same because the deserve it!" Am I right? At least close? If you say no, I probably won't believe you because I think almost every single person has had this thought before. 
     Now, I want you to think about seeing that news story on the news or Facebook or someone spreading awareness of someone to watch out for around town? Do they have that right to warn you? Absolutely and I would do the same. Now think about what you might type in the comments about said wrong doer... Now, instead of a random person whom you assume is a "junkie" or "lowlife" that you're slamming, imagine that's your son or daughter, brother or sister, best friend, other family member. How would you feel? What would you say? What would you do seeing all of these people hoping that your loved one is dead? 
     Now, that you've thought about all of that I want to share this with you. I am not a writer at all. Have no desire to be and I am horrible with grammar. But every once and awhile God lays something on my heart and I have to get it out. It's how anyone with a gift feels, they have to share. I had these feelings a lot as a teenager and fortunately for me I had some wonderful adults in my life who encouraged it! I had a great role model who would always read and discuss them with me when I had to get them down. He even fixed up the mistakes on some and published them in our church newsletter. I don't have him to talk to and help me clean up my writing anymore, but I don't think he'd want that to stop me. 
    Our world, our nation, our state, and our town has a problem. A HUGE problem! An epidemic of mass proportions that is pulling people we love away from us. We have friends and family being pulled into trouble with getting involved in doing the wrong things and in drugs. Often times, both. It's a horribly tragic thing. And do not say it's their own fault and deserves them right because it can happen to ANYONE! The devil doesn't discriminate. Rich or poor, young or old, black or white, man or woman, he doesn't care as long as he gets a hold of you. 
     I have one simple thing that I truly believe will help tremendously... LOVE. What would happen if we shared more compassion with others. Trust me, I know it is not easy! In fact, it's extremely hard. But the fact that we judge so many people on the mistakes of their past, their family and other things just makes them think that is all they are worth and have can do no better, so they don't try. And I know they are exceptions in this world because I am one of them. I come from a family of so many problems and issues and drug addictions that in most people's eyes I would be the same. Surprise! I'm not! I am one out of four children who has never had an addiction problem (In fact, never touched a drug.) and I have never been in major trouble. Am I perfect? Absolutely not! And I never will be, but I strive for the better everyday of my life. 
     What made me different? Love! I had some adults in my life who never gave up on me. They never judged me for where I came from, what I wore, what I had or didn't have, my financial status or what my family had done. They just loved me and showed me that I mattered. They showed me that I could be anything and that God created me to be. These people changed my life and all they did was love me without judgement. It's been ten plus years since I've seen some of them, but they're still in my life. They love me and I know if the noticed something off they'd call me out on it. 
     So, I know you're probably thinking that this isn't a real solution, but think about it for a minute. That kid who always looks dirty and says bad things you don't want your first grader near? You know his family and their trouble and know he'll be the same. What happens if you taught your child to love everyone and they become friends? You let him stay over at your house or hang out there? Your kid invites him to church or other things with you guys? He sees the positives in your life and the love you extend his way and he decides that's the life he wants one day. You helped shine some light in his life and helped him strive for better things.'
    Now, I know this can't work for everyone and you can't bring every single person in a bad situation in your life, but to love and not judge every single person with the hate that we do would make the world such a better place. We judge people entirely too much! From where they come from, their small mistakes, who we think they will be, what they where to what books they read or even write! I think we should all look at our own lives and what would we do if we were on the judgement end. Judge less, love more!

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