Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Bleed Blue 69

This is a book with short stories from 25 authors who came together to write and give the proceeds to charity!

Kindle edition is only 99 cents right now, so grab it, enjoy some great stories and help a great cause! http://amzn.to/2g8kxTR

I was honored to be able to read a couple of the short stories early and let me tell you! I am dying for more!

In this book you will find The Right to Remain  by Emme Burton and Rock and Roll by Kacey Shea. Unique, hot, and as addicting as watching hot officers in uniform! Both of these shorts were amazing and I'm ready for more, so ladies if you're reading this please send those stories right on over! ;)

The thing I loved most about both of these were how they were so unique and different from what I expected. Both stories involved strong women working in a male dominated field and that can be a touchy subject, but these ladies rocked it! It's hard to really tell you what I loved because I don't want to give anything away and I hate talking the details of the book, because those are better to discover on your own! So, just trust me when I say they are totally worth grabbing for only 99 cents and helping out a good cause! Plus, who doesn't love it when the heroine can hold her own and doesn't bow down to everything the man says? I love, love, love the work these authors out together in this book and will be stalking the book world from more from these stories!

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