Friday, December 30, 2016

Ramblings of a reader #supportauthors

So, it's no secret that I love books and am pretty involved in the book world. I run a blog when I have extra time and have tons of friends I've made in this industry. Reading is one of the best things we can do and I truly believe that there is a book out there for everyone!

With that being said, I have to point out that being a reader can be costly. We all know this. But did you know that it's extremely costly to be an author and blogger, as well? The free swag, ARCs, giveaways (both ebook and paperback), signings are all from their hearts. They do that because they LOVE their supporters, not because they have to! Often times they invest money in these things before they even get out of the red from publishing in the first place!

Next time you are randomly asking for a book just because you don't want to pay for it or an ARC of a book that has been out forever just because "you can review it." Think of what you're really asking. Almost every author I know has their books extremely cheap. So, if you skip a trip out to eat or a coffee, you can probably get that book! You wouldn't want to work for free, so we shouldn't expect them to!

Also, if you want to show appreciation, leave a review when you finish a book. Or simply say thank you if you've won anything from author's giveaways or such! They will love you even more!

Let's support those who give us the stories that take us on adventures! #supportthearts. #ramblingsofareader

*edited to add*
Yes, I do receive ARCs with my blog, but I have also bought hard copies of almost every books I've reviewed. And if I haven't I have given away a least 1, if not more ecopies to readers.

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