Thursday, December 29, 2016

Swing by Adriana Locke-- Another late review

Holidays and family issues piled up my list, but I read! So, here's another late review!

     This book was ahhhh! Soooo gooood!! This was my first book by Adriana Locke. I know, I know. I did buy Written In the Scars, but haven't had the chance to read it. Let me tell you, if all of Locke's books are like this one, then I have seriously been missing out!  Dani and Landry were everything I love in a power couple! I mean, where can I get my own Lincoln Landry? haha.
    The one thing I hate about leaving reviews is it's hard. Super hard to tell you what I loved without giving you spoilers. I related to Dani, so much in this story and once you read it you will know what I mean. I love how it all plays out also! (Again, you need to read it because my lips are sealed!) Just everything about their lives and how Locke plays things out is simply beautiful! It gives you hope in the world, hope in good people, and hope in love. And everyone needs that every now and then, even if it comes from beautiful fiction.

Grab it now!  http://amzn.to/2iik9A3

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