Monday, January 23, 2017

Hole Punched by Susan Renee

      I own all of Susan Renee's books, but Hole Punched was the first one I have read so far! I'm not sure why I haven't read the others because of they're anything like Hole Punched then I know I won't be disappointed!
     Hole Punched is adorably hilarious! There's so much funny in this book that it's impossible to not at least crack a grin. There's also a few WTF moments, but hey isn't that life? It added flair and made me laugh because I really have no clue how this girl thinks of this stuff! Wondering what I could possibly be talking about? Go read this book and find out! haha. I hate to give spoilers, especially when they are so entertaining!
     Susan didn't just make a book full of jokes though, she added a hot, steamy guy and a quirky woman who needs that guy who will always reassure her. The world is so hard on women and sometimes they carry that with them for so long. It just takes the right guy to show you that not every man's opinion is the same. I think if you get anything out of this book, that is the most important!

     I love Susan and I love this book! Go get you a copy while you can!


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