Monday, January 16, 2017

Kate's Valentine by Christina Butrum

     So, I am not a Valentine's fan. The only thing I enjoy is the fact that I could possibly get a kick-ass gift! Haha! But seriously, I've been married for almost five years and we just do pizza and a movie at home. I don't believe in that day bringing love or that we should celebrate love more for that day. Since I don't believe in that stuff, I usually avoid Valentine's stories. To me they end up being pretty cliche and too predictable. Something had me giving Kate's Valentine a chance and I'm sooooo glad I did!
     There's just something about Kate and Jordan that drew me in deep. You could just sense this connectable energy they had going on. I know, I know, that seems like it would be pretty predictable, BUT Jordan and Kate's best friend are rivals and business competitors; and Kate doesn't have the best track record. I could just see all of the ways this could go wrong and all the ways it could go very wrong and all the ways it could go, oh so very, very right. I read it in one sitting and when I finished I was ready for more! I cannot wait to see what may or may not happen with Kate and Jordan! Eeek! So, while I recommend you guys to go see what I am talking about, I'll be bugging Christina to hurry up and give us more! :)

Preorder:  http://amzn.to/2jSCVO8

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