Monday, March 13, 2017

Below Deck by Tara Sivec

     So, I love everything I have read that Tara has wrote and Below Deck kept up to the standard I have now placed on her! I haven't had the opportunity to read many Romcoms this year, but this one made up for that!
     Declan and Mackensie were on fire! I love the "taboo/forbidden" type of relationship that they had. The back and forth banter and the hotness that they had when together was of the charts! This book made me laugh out loud and swoon because what is there not to swoon about when it comes to Declan?!
    I also love the entire personal stories of both main characters. I love the passion they have for their dreams and goals in life. In so many stories people are able to have their dreams just handed over to them, but Sivec made her characters work for it and I think that is wonderful! Of course, if they didn't who knows what would have happened to them.
     So, if you're looking for a sexy, funny read than grab Below Deck, a glass of wine and a picture of the beach (unless you live on the beach than just go out there) and get your read on because you don't wanna miss this!

get it here: http://amzn.to/2mTNDc7

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