Monday, March 6, 2017

Fake Fiance by Isla Madden-Mills

Confession: I read this book right as it came out and thought I wrote the review, but somehow it either didn't get published/saved or I dreamed it. Haha! So, here's my review:

     This book wasn't exactly what I had expected in a few different ways. (I should also mention that I hardly ever read a synopsis. I just grab a book that catches my eye from the cover or title or is highly recommended!) This book is based on a college aged couple, so it added a little more to the story because it's not something you would generally think about for that age group. Secondly, given the age group of this story I'm going to go ahead and tell you that there's a high chance you will not be able to guess what is going to happen really. You can guess, but the spin that Madden-Mills adds to this story will keep you guessing and make you have to know and keep turning.

     I loved these differences and all of that little changes that Madden-Mills gives us from what would generally be considered a common story that has been retold many times. This book puts a new spin on a general story. Which really makes me interested in what Madden-Mills does with a completely original idea. (I may already have a TBR list of her books now.)

     This is one of those stories that I really enjoyed, but it's hard to give you too many details because I don't want to give more than I have to away. So, don't hesitate, go grab Fake Fiance  and see what I'm talking about!

Get it here: http://amzn.to/2lxh0RZ

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