Monday, April 17, 2017

No Place Like Home by Christina Butrum

     No Place Like Home by Christina Butrum is a sweet and easy read about finding love in every aspect of your life. Butrum tells the story of a girl who knows what she wants in life, but it is far from her reach. But what happens when life takes you back home and throws unexpected people and events in the mix?
     This story is the perfect romance for those who love the tender side of love and could easily live with out the erotic aspect. Though I wouldn't say it is 100% pure, but it's definitely appropriate for most audiences that would be interested in romance.
     The key thing I took from this story was that things in life can always change. Nothing and no one person is set in stone to stay the same forever. We live and we learn. We grow and develop and discover what life truly is about. The best kind of stories are the ones that show you something about life and I think Butrum did just that in this sweet story.

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