Sunday, June 4, 2017

Badd to the Bone by Jasinda Wilder

After reading a series of a family that consisted of around twenty books and finding out there was more coming, l I decided I would not be reading anymore series like that again. I'm not super big on serious anyway, just because I prefer them all to be out before I read them and then I get super attached to the family and super emotional when it ends.

Well, Jasinda Wilder has made me break my rules! I have been stuck on the Badd Brothers since the first blurb! I LOVE this family and everything about them! I get super excited every time I hear she's close to finishing the next book and each one becomes my favorite, but Badd to the Bone and Brock Badd...

OMG! How can she top Brock? It's going to be hard. Like, super hard. Brock is everything you want in a boyfriend and the emotional roller coaster he goes on with Claire. Swoon, swoon, swoon! He is literally everything a girl like, Claire (anyone really) could want wrapped up in one sexy man!

I mean this story will melt the pages as you read, but then have your tears drying up the fire on the way to the end. It is the perfect amount of emotion for an addicting and 5 star read. I love this series so much and hope Jasinda keeps proving me wrong when it comes to not topping this one!

Seriously grab this hotness! http://amzn.to/2stwje6

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