Monday, July 31, 2017

American Pain by John Temple

So, this isn't the type book I normally review, but we do say, "there's a book out there for everyone." This very well could be the book for you!

American Pain, was assigned to me in one of my classes and it could not have been a better pick. I actually think it would be beneficial for everyone to read, especially with the drug epidemic getting stronger.

This book takes you through the early times of opioid addictions and the great lengths people would go to get their "fix". The story also takes you through the eyes of the people who helped support this epidemic because they realized how much money could be made.

This book was very well written and researched. You could tell the author actually put work into the story and wanted to bring an eye opening story for people to read.

The thing I enjoyed most was the way the book was written. It wasn't like you were reading a history book because Temple researched so well, that he put you inside people's minds. He also brings up several valid points that will get you thinking and your mind turning through the "what-ifs" and the "how can this be happenings" It was extremely intriguing and I am thankful I had a professor assign it.

I encourage anyone to grab this book and read through it because it is unlike anything you ever expected!


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