Monday, July 31, 2017

Chasing Fireflies Anthology

I love anthologies because I am always introduced to new authors! And who doesn't want to grow their TBR list a few more hundred books? ;) Chasing Fireflies is anthology made up with nine different stories. The thing that is special about this anthology is that is a mix of both male and female authors and different genres.

I read a few stories from this collection. Honestly I rarely read an anthology front to back at once because I like to squeeze those shorts in in between series and such. The stories are tales of all kinds and the ones that I read so far hooked me instantly. They were ones that I didn't know if I really liked them or if it was really my type of story, but I had to read more and know what was going to happen...

The biggest problem with anthologies is that they are short stories and short stories are hard because there is a lot to get in and not enough words to get it all in, sometimes. I think that was my biggest issue with these stories was there was a lot and I did get hooked, but sometimes the endings felt a tad rushed. Which is not always a bad thing and wasn't really a bad thing here. I just wanted more.

The authors I discovered in this collection were all new to me and after reading these shorts I am sure I will be seeing there names all over in the coming years!

Grab the story and discover some new authors and let me know what you think! http://amzn.to/2wegl8G

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