Monday, July 3, 2017

TS901: Anomaly (The TS901 Chronicles, #1) by Stacey Rourke & Tish Thawer

TS901 was unlike anything I've read in a long time and I say that in the best way possible! It was a fast paced, nitty gritty, out of this world story that had me hooked from the very beginning! The best part is that it is a cowritten story and you can't even tell! Stacey Rourke and Tish Thawer mesh so well together making a perfect team for this story! I promise I couldn't begin to tell you, who wrote what parts!

Along with this uniquely gripping story, comes the life lessons of love in so many different forms, especially yourself and who you are, no matter what. I think that was my favorite part. I always hate giving away details on books, but especially this one because the uniqueness is what hooks you!

I loved this book so much that I started reading after taking my kids to fireworks, fell asleep, and then woke up and finished it! I couldn't read fast enough and cannot wait to see what these ladies have in store!

Coming August 1, 2017!

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