Sunday, August 13, 2017

Hungry Words by Jennifer Raygoza

It was by chance that I came across Jennifer Raygoza and this little book she put together. And I am glad I did. I will now be venturing to some full lengths Raygoza has written.

Hungry Words, is really two short stories put into one package.

The first is titles, Tackle Me. This story is hot and steamy. It's a super quick read that will have your blood pumping. The story also shows us a little bit about our deepest desires. I loved this book and hope that the author will add more to it later on to expand the story!

The second story is titled, Prince Charming, and it is a dark fairytale short story. Let me tell you, this is the book that has me running for more Jennifer Raygoza. This is the perfect short story! Its dark, mysterious and suspenseful. I have to say it is probably not everyone's cup of tea because it does lean towards the dark side a bit, but if you would want to venture into a little darker of a read this is a perfect start. This retelling was better than I could have imagined for such a short story. I do hope more is to come in her dark fairytale retellings!

Check it out! http://amzn.to/2fDaI0T

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