Sunday, August 13, 2017

The Evolution of Sin Boxset by Giana Darling

What is a good book with out good angst? Not the best, in my opinion. Perhaps, that is why I was so glued to The Evolution of Sin. I didn't just read this series, I devoured it, like it was the last book I was ever going to read.

This series had so much hot & steamy, intriguing and mysterious, and need-to-know-now angst that I thought I was going to die before finishing it.

Giana Darling gives us a love story that others would be afraid to touch. But she also gives us so much more. You can see the passion in the words and the love seeps out at you. Darling shows us the Evolution of Sin, but also the evolution of a person's soul. How much more could you ask for? This series was so fantastic. I am hooked and ready for more! The mystery is there and I am sure Giana will bring it to us soon!

Grab the boxset now: http://amzn.to/2vvf0Nj

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