Monday, October 16, 2017

Illusions of Evil by LIly White (Illusions Series Book 1)

Mind-blowing, intense and jaw-dropping are just a few ways to describe Lily White's newest release!

The queen of balancing on the edge of good and evil has done it again with this good vs evil story. 

When it comes to life and sin, when have you gone too far? How are we sure what God intends and doesn't intend for us to do when there are so many loopholes and he created us this way. Illusions of Evil explores these questions and the actions of the deranged in this hot and twisted story!

The ups and downs and back and forths between this story will sink its claws into and will not let go until the very end! The angst, the surprises, the chaos, it all combines to one intense story unlike anything you have probably read before!

**This story is not for everyone and does have possible triggers
***Intended for those 18+
****There is more to come in this story!

Preorder now: http://amzn.to/2zcrb0C

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