Monday, October 2, 2017

Pitch Dark by Alex Grayson & A.M. Wilson

It seems that cowritten books are becoming more and more common lately. To be quite honest, that can go either way for me. The one thing I enjoy is finding a new author by a really good cowritten book, otherwise it's hit or miss.

However, this one right here was AMAZING! It was tragic, twisted, and beautiful all at the same time. I could not read it fast enough! I gobbled this book up! And when I wasn't reading it, I was thinking about the next time I would get to sit down and read it. And it has been a week or so since I have finished, but I am still thinking about pieces of it.

The twists and turns the writers take you on through this story sink their claws into you and do not let go. It asks so many questions that you have to make yourself stop reading to do other things and that's not easy.

If you like dark and angsty reads then this is perfect for you!

Here it is! http://amzn.to/2xbZ2dC

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