Monday, November 6, 2017

Incubus by Celia Aaron

I picked up Incubus to read because I had heard good things about Celia Aaron, but had never read any of her books. As usual, I went in completely blind and not knowing what to expect. Well, that led to a pleasant surprise of a angst and sexy story, but not of the norm.

No, Incubus, is made up of gods, warlocks, nymphs, immortals, and of course, the almighty Incubus. I had never heard of many of these creatures and was thrust into an mythological world that I did not want to leave. 

The story was attention grabbing and had me hooked. I hated to put down my kindle because I needed to know what would become of these characters and their actions of lust, betrayal, loyalty, and the fight for survival. 

I have not looked into Celia Aaron more to see if she writes more books to this degree, but I sure hope she does because I very much enjoyed getting lost in these make believe world of lust and fantasy! 

Amazon: http://amzn.to/2zlhQ7R

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