Tuesday, January 9, 2018

10 Things I love About You: A Love in the 90s Anthology

This is one of my favorite Anthologies ever!

When I first heard of this piece, I was excited. Being a 90s kid, of course I wanted to read it. Then I saw that it had a pretty good list of authors. Some that I have heard of, some I have read, and some that were completely new to me. This just intrigued me even more.

So, I have been reading a story from this book between other books that I have read. I am over halfway through the anthology and am simply blown away by the talent that was put into these stories. I have not been bored or read a story that I haven't liked.

In fact, I usually wait until I am 100% done with a book before I review it, but this book has been so amazing, I just couldn't wait any longer and wanted to share with everyone else.

I highly recommend this anthology! It is perfect for anyone who is from the 90s, anyone who loves short stories, or anyone who loves to read in general! I promise you will not even be close to disappointed!


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