Tuesday, January 9, 2018

A Beautiful Forgiveness by Alora Kate (NYC Series #3)

If you have read any of the reviews I have written for this series, you know I love it. BUT this last book in the series is my absolute FAVORITE of them all!

Lucas and London. ❤️ Their story is one of a kind. I can pretty much guarantee that you have never read a story like theirs. The way life works to connect their lives will have you screaming and cussing at it while still wanting them together. Your feelings will be conflicted and tested and you'll have a moment or two where you just have no idea what you are feeling.

I am kinda sad this series is over, especially with L&L because I love them so much! But it was tied together nicely. But a girl can hope and wish we hear more from this gang and maybe from Mac and his new girl. 😉

All great stories must come to an end sometime and this series is one of my top favorites series of the year!

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