Thursday, January 11, 2018

My Torin by K Webster

When you're an avid reader, you know what you like and what you don't like. You know your favorite troupes, heroes, heroines, etc. Sometimes you like reading stories that fit the cookie cutter, per se, and sometimes you like something new every time. As a reader you know what you like and you have preferences.  

The books that tend to stick with us the most are the ones that throw all of those preferences out the door, make us question everything we're reading, and then simply blows us away.  That is exactly the way My Torin can be described. 

You start reading and you think you have it figured out, but realize you don't. Then you think you have it again, but realize you're wrong again. You question if this is a book you'll like or not, but you can't quit. You have to keep going because you have to know what happens next. You go through all the emotions possible. You curse the author and the story. You wonder what is coming and how are you hearing rave reviews and then you read it all and you get it. It all clicks and you're a little breathless at a story that is far from cookie cutter, but something you love all the same. 

That is when you know the book blew you away and you may have a new favorite. That is My Torin.

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