Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Hat Trick (Blades Hockey #3) by Maria Luis

My first Maria Luis book and I am in love!

I may be a little bias because this story vaguely reminds me of how my husband and I started off. He was the chaser and I was the runner... what happened next? Well, I can't give away the good stuff, can I? ;)

I love how different this story was from most romances. Though different, it fits the romance troupe that we all know and love. Luis just managed to switch some things up to keep us on our toes. Don't worry, she made sure to keep all the sexiness you love in there!

The characters have so much personality and characteristics that you can't but to love them. You will want to go in the pages and hug them You hate them at times and love them at times. They give you all the feels.

I literally read this book in one sitting. I opened it and never stopped. I couldn't. I had to know how things would play out. I had to learn more about the Burberry pie! (haha)

It was hard to put down because not only was the story good, but the writing was pretty awesome. Often we see books that the writing makes us cringe or it just wasn't up to a standard we believe it should be at times. Not all writers are masters at making the words flow in a perfect synchronization, but can still write a fantastic story. Luis has a little more advantage because she seems to have the talent to do both. Rare find, but glad I have discovered her stories and look forward to reading more in the future!

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