Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Crazy Madly Deeply by Lily White

So, I am a huge Lily White fan. I love dark and angst filled reads and she is one of the best. With that being said, I went through a reading funk and that included a Lily White's Book funk. I just couldn't get through her books with the eagerness that I had been. I had no desire to sit and devour her stories like normal. It scared me because she is a favorite author.

Then I decided to read Crazy Madly Deeply. It is not dark like her other stories, but it is gut-wrenching. It is angsty. It is unpredictable. It is WOW!

I devoured this story. I started reading and I couldn't stop! I literally couldn't stop. After each chapter I had to know more. I had to find out what was next. I just had to know!

I read this book in one setting and it brought me out of my author slump.

Let me say this though, when an author can write dark angst and then contemporary and inspiration romance with the same passion and meaning, you know that author is beyond talented and should never leave this career choice!


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