Monday, March 26, 2018

Wait With Me by Amy Daws

If you are on social media in any form or live on the western side of the country, it would be hard to believe that you have not seen the story that goes along with this book. An author goes to get her tires changed and in the waiting area, she finds herself comfortable and suddenly free of writer's block.

Being the true writer she is, she is determined and keeps going back to the tire shop over and over and this Wait With Me is born with one of the best "behind the book" stories you will ever read.

The story has been covered by multiple news sources and parenting blogs across social media, like I said, hard to miss!

So, of course I had to read it! And it was as catchy and funny as the behind the book story!

Kate and Miles are the perfect quirky couple without the big and famous titles and billionaire status jobs. They are just two beautiful people with a beautiful and hilarious story. That is another thing that makes their story so unique!

I latched onto the idea of the story and devoured the book. I laughed out loud and swooned internally. This book was great and highly recommended!


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