Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Complicated Parts (Complicated Parts Duet Book 1) by Ashley Jade

Ashley Jade has a way of making the simplest thing sound more elegant and have more meaning with the way she spins words into stories. Not that Preston and Kit's story is simple at all, because it's not. In fact, the title, Complicated Parts fits their story to a T!

Preston and Kit's characters are perfectly imperfect. There is no secret to the disaster their lives are and their part in making them that way. Yes, there were other factors, but the two don't let themselves go without blame.

I have loved these two since Complicated Hearts came out by Ashley Jade last year. But what can I say, I love the broken characters.

When it comes to books, I always love them more when I can relate better and Kit and I relate so much it's almost scary. No, not because of our sexuality or anything, but our hearts. Kit is a softy a heart and just wants to be loved. She puts her heart on the line over and over again because she has so much faith in people. But then when you cross her friends, she brings out the takes-no-sh*t kinda girl and will tear you to shreds. I get her and I feel for her.

The ending of part one nearly gutted me. It broke my heart on so many levels. You connect with these characters so much that it makes it more real.

I cannot wait for the next installment and to see how Kit and Preston's story spins.

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