Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Love in C Minor (Backroads Duet Book 1) by Mindy Michelle (Mindy Hayes & Michelle Miller)

I've bought many books by this duo, ones written together and separately, but had yet to read one until Love in C Minor. Based on this book alone, I am heavily missing out on some fantastic stories.

I'm not a huge fan of duets, but I always seem to fund myself reading them. Love in C Minor is unlike any other duet I have read. The intensity behind the characters, the love behind them and everything in between.

This story was beautifully written and portrayed. Honestly, I was doubting how it could be a duet and then BAM! Just like in life a wrench was thrown in and threw all of the beauty into turmoil and made you want to throw your book.

And now I have to wait patiently for book 2. Eek. I cannot wait!


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