Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Welcome to the Dark Side (The Fallen Men Book 2) by Giana Darling

Sometimes fate is stronger than we could ever be.

Welcome to the Dark Side shows us just how strong fate can be. No matter how hard we try to choose differently, sometimes life knows what's best for us and will make it happen. That is the overall theme I grasped from this amazing story.

Darling brought us a story that not only melted the pages with the chemistry of the characters and hotness they shared, but she brought all the feels with the overall lives of each character.

The thing about romance is people generally say it's "mommy porn" and there is no depth to the stories. You can not read a Giana Darling book and think that in anyway. Even when she brings us something out of the ordinary like Daddy Zeus.

Darling's writing is flawless and gets better and better. Amazing talent with this author that I look forward in seeing grow with future books.


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